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Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®

EGCM is based on Gestalt (which means wholeness) principles. The process is experiential in nature and deeply tied to somatics (body response). This holistic approach allows for complete release of energy and emotional blocks or pain. Almost all EGCM clients experience permanent resolutions to the issues worked on during their session and find that the process elicits lasting change in their lives.

EGCM Coaches are different than any other type of equine coaches you may have experienced or seen. With EGCM, the horse is an active partner in the coaching and healing process. Using their combined wisdom and intuition, the EGCM coach and their equine partner will guide you through your experience. Working together, they will help you isolate the unfinished business that is causing you pain or blocking your path to success and happiness. Then, through experiential interaction they will assist you in clearing the energy that has been holding you back or keeping you from your best self.

EGCM sessions can take many forms and are as unique as each individual who experiences the process. Some people prefer to have their EGCM session in private — just them, the horse and the EGCM coach. Others experience EGCM in a group setting such as a retreat or workshop. Many people find the group setting empowering and enlightening. In either setting, the EGCM coach will make sure you are treated with love, respect and that the coaching is provided in a safe and nurturing environment.

No horse experience is necessary to participate in an EGCM coaching session and you will not ride the horse — although, if you ride, you may find that the EGCM experience deepens the connection with your horses.

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Blessed are those who experience the

whispers from a horse’s heart.

~ Melisa Pearce

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